ResMarkerDB is an open access platform of biomarkers of response to monoclonal antibody therapy in breast and colorectal cancer. It is designed to promote the possibility of predicting a patient’s clinical outcome after treatment. To achieve this goal it focuses on the relationship between a biomarker, the treatment conditions (tumor type, treatment, evidence level and response) and a statement summing up the potential clinical interpretations.

The data feeding the database come from publicly available databases. Further information can be found in the help page. The original data has been stored and undergone an homogenization process using standard ontologies.

The most general categories of tumor types considered are Breast Cancer and Colorectal Cancer, but some subtypes of these two cancer types are also included. For further information go to tumor types.

ResMarkerDB focuses on FDA-approved therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for breast and colorectal cancer. However, it also considers combined treatments of drugs of diverse nature. For more information click here and/or here.

ResMarkerDB outputs the database contents or the results of the search in a table-like format. In case of a search, the query made is shown on the top of the output results. The number of evidences shown can be selected on the top of the table. Different categories are shown per each evidence and their meaning can be found by passing over the . The output can be filtered per each column category and also in general, either by an input box or a dropdown. The output can be reordered by any category. Moreover, the contents or the filtered search can be downloaded in CSV format. More information about the category of an evidence can be retrieved by clicking over that appears. There are cross-references for the genes, the drugs administered, the tumor types and the original source when possible.

Information is organized in different categories: biomarker, genes, drugs, tumor type, response, evidence level, source and statement. For more information please look at: Database Contents.

Mainly researchers and practitioners who are looking for biomarkers of response to FDA-approved therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in breast and colorectal cancer. An effort has been put to gather and homogenize available data from public databases in a unique repository that uses standard ontologies.

It gathers information from different data sources, all of them publicly available databases, and conducts a process of homogenization and standardization of the data collected to ease its interpretation.

ResMarkerDB is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

Judith Pérez-Granado, Janet Piñero, Laura I Furlong. ResMarkerDB: a database of biomarkers of response to antibody therapy in breast and colorectal cancer. Database(2019) doi.org/10.1093/database/baz060.

ResMarkerDB includes an alternative search of tumor types when the query does not match any of the main tumor types displayed in the dropdown. This alternative search consists in looking for synonymous terms, according to NCI Thesaurus OBO Edition® (NICT®), of the tumor types included in our database.

Currently, our web platform is supported in Firefox and Chrome, while in other browsers some features may not be available, depending on the browser and the version. We are working on making it compatible with Safari.